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Finely sliced
An epic sandwich or charcuterie platter? A range of hams, salamis & sausages await.
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Finely sliced
Whether you'll be making an epic sandwich, loaded hotdog or a charcuterie platter, we got some great hams, salamis & sausages for you.
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Fresh & affordable
By working with our suppliers & farms our goal has always been to ensure that you get the freshest product at honest prices.
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We carry a range of provisions such as pastas,  herbs, cheeses & butter.

Enjoy FREE delivery on orders above $150.


From steaks to whole roasting joints, you’ll find our selection hard to beat. Choosing to work closely with our farms and suppliers, we’re thankful to showcase a wide range of top-notch products worth sinking your teeth into.


Working with farms that care about the raising of their pigs, our pork air-flown from Australia and Spain. Reared on farms that care about the welfare of their animals and producing the most flavoursome meat.


Our outdoor-reared, free range chicken is from specialist poultry producers. Slow-grown and free from any antibiotic intervention and hormones.


Sourced from the finest pastures in Australia and Wales, we bring in lamb from our very short list of hand-picked farms and suppliers.


We carry an enviably wide selection of curated sausages, hams, salamis, pates and bacon. From pancetta to chorizo, bite in to our select range.


From cut blocks to whole wheels, whether you are making a cheese board or getting some mozza balls for pasta or pizza, we carry some select Italian, Australian, British and Danish cheeses.


Stocking a wide range of pasta including some gluten-free options. Whether you are in the mood for spaghetti bolognese or whipping up a pasta salad for your next picnic, we’ve got some choice options for you.


Sometimes you need more than just meat. For those times, we have mushrooms, capsicums, potatoes, onions, rocket and salad mixes, pickles and more.

Sauces & Paste

We have what you need to make some great sauces to go with your meat. Whether to complete or define your dish, we carry a wide selection of pre-made paste and sauces suited for a wide variety of uses.


Just the right spices can complement and enhance the flavour of your meats and recipes. We have grinders, rubs, dried loose herbs and mixes.

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About us

A gourmet butchery that carries one of the widest range of artisanal meat products and fine provisions in Singapore. Run by a passionate team of food lovers.

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