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Just the right spices can complement and enhance the flavour of your meats and recipes. We have grinders, rubs, dried loose herbs and mixes.

Essentials Basil Leaves
Essentials Cardamom Pods
Essentials Cayenne Pepper
Essentials Chilli Flakes
Essentials Cyprus Flake Sea Salt
Essentials Garlic Herb Sea Salt


We have what you need to make some great sauces to go with your meat. Whether to complete or define your dish, we carry a wide selection of pre-made paste and sauces suited for a wide variety of uses.

Mint Jelly
Mustard 50g
Mustard 100g
Mustard 170g
Mustard Powder
Butter Chicken


Sometimes you need more than just meat. For those times, we have mushrooms, capsicums, potatoes, onions, rocket and salad mixes, pickles and more.

Salted Butter
Unsalted Butter
Salted Butter Basket
Unsalted Butter Basket
Salted Butter Block
Unsalted Butter Block


Stocking a wide range of pasta including some gluten-free options. Whether you are in the mood for spaghetti bolognese or whipping up a pasta salad for your next picnic, we’ve got some choice options for you.

Senza Glutine Fusilli Gluten-Free
Senza Glutine Penne Rigate Gluten-Free
Senza Glutine Spaghetti Gluten-Free
Big Elbow Gomiti 53
Cannelloni 84
Capellini 11


From cut blocks to whole wheels, whether you are making a cheese board or getting some mozza balls for pasta or pizza, we carry some select Italian, Australian, British and Danish cheeses.

Blue Stilton
Double Gloucester
Mature Cheddar
Red Leicester


We have some great cuts of meat that is sure to satisfy all who are serious about their meats. If it moos, oinks, clucks or baahs, we just might have it.

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