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Fall in love with the goodness of our Australian spring lambs.

Cook it slowly in a Moroccan tagine or sear on high heat - it’ll be delicious done any style you like.

Available at our lamb counter are :

Boneless Loin

Frenched Rack



Back Stripe


and much more.

Welsh Lamb EXCLUSIVELY at Meat the Butcher

Distinctive and Unique. That sums up Welsh Lamb perfectly.

The lush green pastures in Wales provide the ideal habitat for sheep, producing tender meat with bags of flavour.

Welsh Lamb’s distinctive quality has been recognised by the European Union (EU) as having unique regional characteristics and has been awarded the coveted status of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI),

With inspections at every stage of the

supply chain, Welsh Lamb’s quality standards, food safety and traceability are first class - producing some of the best and tastiest lamb money can buy.

farming practices performed on one of the best farming environments in Europe.

A 1200km coastline provides fresh, sea air to three sides of Wales; a sweep of rich, green landscape rolls back inland, offering mile after mile of hills and mountains where flocks are able to roam and feed on the best that nature can offer.

This all reflects in the unique taste and premium quality of Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef.

What being PGI certified means

The Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) of Welsh Lamb puts it on a par with other excellent regional European products like Parma Ham, from Italy.

It is a quality that is created from good

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